Did Emma Roberts Really Block Her Mother On Instagram For Leaking Her Pregnancy News?

The past year has been so tough on everyone amidst the chaos of Covid 19. But this year with The World famous Virus brought two news from the world of celebrities around the globe. The one news being the unexpected or simple unannounced marriages & second, being the news of actors getting pregnant.

The same was the case with the famous actress Emma Roberts, whose pregnancy announcement story is just more than interesting and fun. 


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The celebrity Emma Roberts is really having better days this quarantine. After breaking up with her long term Fiancee & Boyfriend, Emma found love again in 2019 that has changed her life for the best.  Boyfriend Garrett Hedlund 35 & Emma Roberts 29 are expecting a baby boy soon.

This rarely seen on social media couple has really kept their fans in great confusion all along during the early months of pregnancy. But unfortunately, Emma's mother's encounter with her followers over Instagram really did a neat job of breaking the news of the expected pregnancy which the celebrity couple intended to keep low key.

Emma Roberts announced her pregnancy news on  Instagram around seven weeks ago. After this day, The celebrity has posted various pictures with the baby bum. After making it official, Emma now broke the silence on how her mother accidentally shared the news on her pregnancy and how it brought a little rift between the mother and daughter duo.

Apparently, based on the recent interview of Emma Roberts, she mentioned that this year she gifted an iPhone to her mother excitingly thinking that they will be able to chat and facetime over it all the time, But things took a different route when her mother got herself an Instagram account and went public on the internet with a major pool of people following her within a short amount of time after creating the account.

As per to the celebrity, "mothers and Instagram is a dangerous combination."

Emma mentioned that in the start, her mother's following was really less but with time it grew into thousands following her and some of the followers commented on her image congratulating her on my pregnancy news as it was circulating at that time but was kept away from the public eye by me and my sources till the day the commenting incident took place. 

Unfortunately, her mother replied with a thank you to one of the comments & stating it in a reply that they were really excited about the coming baby, making the audience sure that Emma was pregnant with her first child.

Soon after the comment exchange, everyone grabbed the screenshot and it was flooded over the internet. Emma said that she asked her mother if she really has commented back exposing the news and during the discussion. Things got a little rough between them on having the discussion and she blocked her mother for a short amount of time on Instagram after the argument. The celebrity said:

"It's been an Instagram war with my mother that I never saw coming."

Based on Emma's description of the whole scenario, after having her mother blocked, she contacted Emma Roberts by 2:00 a.m at night and asked her if she had blocked her.

"She texted me at 2:00 a.m., 'Queen, did you block me? Sad face.' I was like, 'Yes, I did block you.' Then I unblocked her."

Emma said that though this little but unexpected incident had her have a little bit of argument with her mother, including a weird time period of blocking her out of mixed feelings and anger, she now finds it funny and thinks that it will be a good story to tell her son when he grows up.  

"A good story to tell the baby," said Emma Roberts.

Though everyone was thinking that Emma Roberts & her boyfriend Hedlund were having a quiet chill time with each other, without going for any serious commitments like getting engaged or married, their pregnancy has really shocked everyone for real as the relationship was not really that long to reach out to such a firm decision of starting a family together.

But we really wish Emma & Hedlund and a very safe and healthy delivery & a happy life ahead with their son. We cannot wait to see the baby and his grandmother together in a picture on her Instagram after all, she was really excited about it.

This news of Emma's pregnancy was shocking and confusing for real, but as Emma said, this is one hell of an interesting story for everyone including the celebrity and the grandchild will really love to recall and tell this story in the future himself for sure.

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Welcome to the world of never-ending entertainment news!

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