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Danae Mercer – An Instagrammer Who Exposed Fake Photography & Beauty Standards

As they always say that Charity Begins At Home, women are usually facing the pressure of fitting in the most perfect looking body and skin since their childhood.

Either it’s a mother or an aunt or your very perfect looking celebrity crush, you always feel inclined towards looking your best. But what is the worst part in all this is forgetting that we are human beings and our natural bodies differ from the societal standards of beauty and perfection.


Danae Mercer is one of the best influencers that you can find on Instagram, who instills body positivity and exposes the photography tricks of models and celebrities that hide their flaws so perfectly that they make us look imperfect.

Image Credits: Danae Mercer (danaemercer) Instagram

Danae Mercer is a 33-year-old influencer who is based in the UAE. She has been working as a journalist and an editor for quite a long time. Her job was the major aspect that made her realize that how photoshopped and angled are the celebrities or models whether they were in the magazine or posting their "I woke up like this" selfies.


She did not hate them for their work, but what she felt was that those pictures never shared a message that everybody is perfect and we are flawed too, we just conceal it better in pictures.

Image Credits: Danae Mercer (danaemercer) Instagram

Danae who has previously suffered an eating disorder also has bloating issues, and we all know that bloating can make you look like having extra fat on your stomach. 

"People don't realize that what looks like a 'casual' photo or just chilled gym session is usually very posed, very styled, and very deliberate. And that's OK — the posing is OK, the styling is OK, all that's OK. But I think we need to be educated."

Danae started posting pictures of her showing two images where on one side she was in her normal posture, whereas in the other pictures she was posing differently and using various light effects to look oblique and perfect. 

Image Credits: Danae Mercer (danaemercer) Instagram

It was not just the angles or the facts of being bloated or the right amount of lighting that she was showing. She also came open about stretch marks and cellulite. And what was the bravest thing was that she explained all these things that we women feel shy about, by showing her own skin and she was right, her skin was beautiful with or without angles or proper lighting.

Do you know why?

Well because we saw her with real love, and she was coming up confident with self-love rather than consciousness or edited version of herself. 

Image Credits: Danae Mercer (danaemercer) Instagram

"Others liking you is a bonus

You liking you is the real prize"

Beautifully written words by a confident and naturally beautiful lady mean a lot more than what they are read like. The only reason we are so much confined into hiding our real selves behind makeup, body foundations, and concealing clothes is that we are blinded by the untrue beauty norms that are indeed fake.

Image Credits: Danae Mercer (danaemercer) Instagram

Today even if you see a celebrity picture that looks so perfect without makeup on, where they really have no makeup on are also not true to 90 percent of the extent. 

You must know why!

Today we have advanced a lot in technology that we can have permanent hair extensions, lash extensions, lipsticks, blushers, or even foundation on your skin for months or years. You do not really need makeup when you wakeup because you already have it on. 

Does this justify the beauty standards? Or is it justifying?

Image Credits: Danae Mercer (danaemercer) Instagram

Not at all!

No amount of fake surgeries, clinically done makeup that lasts for years or photoshopped pictures can be justified. just like Danae has given a message in the above picture that "your weight may fluctuate but you worth will not". We must admit it.

We must take the message of Danae Mercer and start opting for posting more realistic and natural images outside either we are someone from the celebrities or a common person. 

Let's start normalizing the natural body and skin conditions.

Image Credits: Danae Mercer (danaemercer) Instagram

Despite getting loads and loads of love for exposing the reality in the most beautiful and kind ways, Danae also gets hate from people, who are so much caught up in the hypocrisy of "Women must look presentable even if they are uncomfortable doing so". But she has eradicated those people and those comments with her more positive approach towards life and no doubt we all together can make an impact if we start supporting the initiative that Danae has taken. 

Image Credits: Danae Mercer (danaemercer) Instagram

Self-love is they to confidence. You must always wear confidence before wearing your clothes or makeup.

Danae Mercer is raising many new aspects that have always been a taboo topic or a cause of shame for women because society made them feel bad about not fitting in those scenarios, these include being unmarried after the '30s & not being able to get pregnant after marriage.

Danae has really set a wonderful example and we all women or even boys who face body shaming should accept ourselves and accept the fact that we are more than perfect than those accounts on the internet that are fake and photoshopped. 

 "The best gift you are ever going to give someone is the permission to feel safe in their own skin."

Hannah Brencher

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