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Daisy May Demetre – First Double Amputee Child Model To Walk Paris & Newyork Fashion Show

“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.”

A beautiful caption that was written for a beautiful picture of Daisy May Demetre, the world’s first double amputee child model who walked the Newyork Fashion Week & Paris Fashion Week shows at the age of nine years only.


Daisy May Demetre was born with a health condition known as  Fibular Hemimelia that affects the human body physically. Children who are born with this condition have a short or missing fibula which is one of the two bones in the lower leg. Usually, this condition affects one leg only, but in the case of Daisy, it affected both of her legs. She has no fibula in her left leg and her right leg had only one small fibula.

Daisy was amputated when she was only 18 months old. She was provided with two prosthetic legs to help her to learn walking and do her daily activities.  Her parents were really afraid in the beginning looking at her condition, as they worried that how people will judge her and how will she get to have relationships in life without getting judged for her appearance and disability, like a boyfriend or a husband.

Daisy's father even told sources during his interview that he started to drink and gamble after the birth of Daisy when he could not first realize how his daughter will cope up with the world. But now when he sees her daughter and her confidence and success, he believes that she was indeed a gift and her prosthetics can really not define her anymore.


Daisy loves dressing up and getting photographed. Whilst talking to Reuters Tv, she said:

“I get my hair done, then I get my make-up done and then I put my dress on, and my legs, and I get on the catwalk. Sometimes I do not even feel different.” 

Daisy started modeling at a very young age and she was noticed by the founder of  Lulu et Gigi brand that designs dresses for children. She was spotted by the founder at the London Kid's Fashion Week and after getting impressed by her walk, style, and confidence, she was invited to walk for New York Fashion Week Show.

The designer of Lulu et Gigi defined Daisy as beautiful and perfect. The brand had always been inclusive in hiring models to represent their brands and for them, it was nothing weird or tough for them to have Daisy as the first double amputee child model to walk the ramp representing them.

After the show, her father was really happy for her and he told that Daisy was really proud of herself and he believes that "She is fitter than most grown men he knows." 

Daisy has modeled for many other known brands like Nike as well.

Like her father says Daisy is definitely making history on her own and the best part about her is the way she is moving forward in life with a smile on her face. 

We have really loved her work and we are sure that she is going to inspire all the amputees around the world to live their dream and do anything they wish to excel in. Daisy May Demetre is an example of confidence, beauty, and determination. 

How did you like this beautiful story of a beautiful young model? Enlighten us with your lovely views and share this story with anyone who needs to read it to get motivated and move forward in life. 

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