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Chelsey Peat Found The Love Of Her Life When She Was Least Expecting It

Chelsey Peat was born with Sturge-Weber Syndrome. A neurological and skin disorder that causes a person to have a huge birthmark on their face, glaucoma, seizures, and intellectual disability. 


Image Credits: Chelsey Peat & Caters News

Chelsey was operated on for her seizures which left her with only 50 percent chances of recovery & survival whereby the other 50 percent chances declared that she might live with a mental disability all her life. But luckily she beat all the odds and survived beautifully.

Growing up, life was not always easy for Chelsey. She was being bullied and being called names like monster, freak, and Two-face based on a Batman movie character.  

She always felt worst and had low self-esteem due to the constant cruel behaviors from everyone around her. 


Image Credits: Chelsey Peat (chelseypeat) Instagram

She completely lost hope in her life based on the way people interacted with her and did not prefer to be nice to her, she lost hope in everything especially in finding true love and having a happy family in her future.

"You get to the age where you want boys to notice you but they didn't want a thing to do with me because I looked different."

Image Credits: Chelsey Peat (chelseypeat) Instagram

Desperately wanting to look like other girls and having the attention that every girl seeks in teenage, Chelsey even started to use layers of foundation to hide her birthmark. Later on, after fighting this battle with self, she decided to stop putting an effort to make others feel agreeable to her condition. She started to stop wearing makeup and accepted her skin the way it was.

Recalling old days she remembers that people would come to her mother asking if Chelsey got burnt or beat up by somebody based on her birthmark.  

Image Credits: Chelsey Peat (chelseypeat) Instagram

Things really changed with time when back in 2004 Chelsey met Matt through one of her friends. They both met at a party and later on talked via Msn Messenger. As Matt started to get to know Chelsey, he started to like her more. As per Chelsey, she thinks that it was easy to talk to him online because she feels like when people are talking face to face with her they cannot know her true self because all they can focus on is her birthmark.

The two kept talking to each other for hours daily and then one day Matt asked Chelsey out on a date. Things moved further and both started dating as a couple officially. 

Image Credits: Chelsey Peat & Caters News

For Matt, she was not defined by her birthmark. The love between them grew strong with time and both tied into the knot of a beautiful relationship known as marriage in the year 2008. 

Later on, the couple had two beautiful daughters together and Chelsey who believed she will never find true love or have a family now lives in harmony with two beautiful girls and a loving husband which is nothing less than a blessing and a dream come true. 

Image Credits: Chelsey Peat & Caters News

Chelsey has now come on social media to advocate her condition and help other people who are suffering from abuse and bullying based on their skin condition. She is raising awareness about this condition and helping people to understand that they can never judge or hate someone based on their skin condition.

And for those who are facing any kind of skin condition, Chelsey and Matt have proven that love has no boundaries. Love does not judge you by your looks, rather love is beautiful and accepts you for who you are.

Image Credits: Chelsey Peat (chelseypeat) Instagram

In her recent most Instagram post, Chelsey penned down some beautiful words:

"Getting comfortable in your own skin.... especially when you don’t fit the cookie-cutter molded expectations. That is the hardest battle anyone with a disability/facial difference/or really ANY difference will face. It’s learning to NEVER live by anyone else’s standards, falling in love with yourself and showing the world what they’re missing with their unacceptance."

We totally agree with her, one should learn to live themselves without worrying about others unacceptance of their skin or body condition, but we will really love for the whole world to stop judging people for their physical traits and start loving everyone for the person and human being they are on the inside.

“Your body. Your diet. Your life. It isn't perfect. It never will be. But it's real. It's honest. It's beautifully flawed. And totally magical.”
Nicola Jane Hobbs

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