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Boyfriend Of 4 Years Got Caught Cheating Girlfriend Through Snapchat Selfie

“It wasn’t his sister and it wasn’t his cousin”

This is what is written on the Instagram Bio of Sydney Kinsch 24, whose boyfriend was caught cheating in the act by herself when he sent her a selfie in the car without checking it himself first. 


Image Credits: Sydney Kinsch (sydneykinsch) Instagram

Sydney Kinsch's boyfriend sent her a selfie, but something was unusual in it. When she looked at it closely, she saw the reflection of another woman sitting next to him in the front seat of his car. The woman's legs were clearly visibly seen stretched out towards the window of the car.  

Upon asked, Sydney's ex-boyfriend called her crazy and told her that it was their friend's girlfriend and he can be allowed to hang out with his girlfriends.

Image Credits: Sydney Kinsch (sydneykinsch) Tiktok

Sydney Kinsch took to Tiktok to expose her boyfriend. She posted a video where her boyfriend's image was in the background and when she moved to the right and pointed out towards his sunglasses, a reflection of a girl could be seen easily. She tagged this video with the title as:


"That one time my boyfriend of 4 years snap chatted me him cheating on me"

The video went viral on Tiktok and soon it became news with major news agencies showing it everywhere. Her video has more than 210k likes and around 1350 comments. 

Many girls commented on her video asking for details, where she was quite open about everything and she even told that he was with multiple partners and she found that out after a week of catching him cheating on her.

Image Credits: Sydney Kinsch (sydneykinsch) Tiktok

Apparently, Sydney was unaware of this news getting viral. When one of the users commented that who is here after watching the news, Sydney asked her to share any link with her where it has been reported.

Image Credits: Sydney Kinsch (sydneykinsch) Tiktok

Many girls came forward and shared their own stories, where they also caught their boyfriend's cheating through some sort of reflection. One even said that she found out about her boyfriend after she saw his tattoos in the story of another girl and that too in her mirror's reflection.

Image Credits: Sydney Kinsch (sydneykinsch) Tiktok

Sydney liked and replied to many girls commenting on her videos

Image Credits: Sydney Kinsch (sydneykinsch) Tiktok

Sydney Kinsch has really set an example for girls that they should really pay attention to the small details and that they should really brush off such partners rather than forgiving them.

Image Credits: Sydney Kinsch (sydneykinsch) Tiktok

Though this scene was epic and really sad at the same time, But just like one comment said, this news will give many cheating partners an alarm to double-check their pictures before sharing with their partners. Now that is new and worst right? 

May we never get a partner that cheats or a get a partner that cheats but is not clever enough to hide it eloquently.

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