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Being Normal Is A Disaster – Father Of 3 With 700 Tattoos Across His Body

We all have different preferences when it comes to our looks. For some people, their preferences are so extreme that they come off as a surprise to billions of others who do not find it normal.

For Keith Edwards, looking or being normal is a disaster from which he has been cured.


Keith had always wanted to get tattooed. But coming from a religious family, it was always difficult in the beginning. The first-ever tattoo that he got was of Jesus on his chest. His mother did not want him to go for any more tattoos after that.

But Keith who was never cool with being a normal person never really stopped at that one tattoo. 


Keith has his body tattooed from head to toe which can range from 600 to 700 in numbers. He has even his eyeballs tattooed. With almost 98 percent of his body inked, he has gone for some more modifications on his face that will be revealed soon. 

When asked how much he has spent on this passion, he told sources that he has spent $10,000 dollars so far.

Keith is a father to three kids and has a lovely wife who supports him on his journey of getting inked. As per his wife Leslie, the only concern that she had was his tattoos should be as per his personality and she is totally fine with the way he looks. 

His children do not find him any differently based on his look and the only thing that will be awkward for them would be people looking at their father outside and judging him differently.

Leslie, Keith's wife herself has gotten tattoos on her body and she might want to get her face done sometime in the future as well. 

Keith says that he does not like the way people become judgemental towards him. They either think of him as a prisoner, gangster, or a rapper and he has nothing to do with that and he highly dislikes that why would someone with tattoos be looked upon so badly or differently.

Keith is a baker and he loves to bake. He attends to his duty daily early in the morning and then loves to spend time with his family afterward.  

Keith has also gone for stretching his ears and his new passion for wearing ear weight jewelry can be seen on his Instagram handle clearly. 

"I feel like people are conditioned and rubbed and polished to believe a certain way, and to live a normal life which is get up go to work, the corporate life, that’s not the way to me."

Though people judge him differently on social media and in real life, he believes that it will be better if people can come to him directly and ask whatever they feel like asking and he will have their doubts answered.

"Get to know me before you judge, I’m a nice guy so just come up to me and I’ll be more than happy to educate you on a sense of self."

Keith Edward & Leslie has really taught us well that we should not judge anyone based on their looks. People are not always what they look like. You can marry someone with a different passion and outlook to themselves and still be happier than being with those who are society's example of normal.

We must try to be less judgemental and more understanding of people. Let's say we have learned a lesson which would be, "To talk before judgemental spark".

We wish Keith, who is a phenomenal father and husband, a happy life with his family, with less judgment and more love and acceptance. 

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