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Adalia Rose – A Girl That Ages Quickly

Doctors were not happy with her growth when she was born

Adalia was different since her birth. She was almost one month old when she was born and doctors were not satisfied with her growth. Things changed further when she was three months old. That is when visible symptoms started appearing.


Image Credits: Adalia Rose (adalia06) Instagram

Adalia Rose has a rare condition which is known as Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome, which is caused by a mutation in a gene known as LMNA

LMNA starts producing Lamin A protein that usually starts making the nucleus unstable. There are currently less than 500 people in the world that are affected by this rare condition. Due to progeria, the children that are born with it age quickly than usual and they can live up to the age of 13 years.

Image Credits: Adalia Rose (adalia06) Instagram

Progeria also has many other effects than just ageing and less span of life, which may include:

  • Rapid ageing
  • Hair loss
  • Thin nose with the beaked tip
  • Thin lips and small chin
  • High pitched voice
  • Stiff joints and abnormalities
  • Prominent eyes
  • Being unable to put on weight

Adalia also suffers from some of the same conditions, where she is aging fast, she has alopecia, dwarfism, and lack of the ability to gain weight.

Image Credits: Adalia Rose (adalia06) Instagram

Despite her condition, Adalia has not given up hope of living her life to the fullest. She is currently thirteen years old and her Bio on Instagram says:

"I AM 13 now respect me!"

Adalia loves getting dressed up, doing makeup, singing, and unicorns. She has her own Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook page and she is none less than an internet sensation with her growing following. She has more than two million subscribers on youtube, around three hundred and fifty thousand followers on Instagram, and millions of likes on Facebook as well.

Adalia with her parents - Image Credits: Adalia Rose (adalia06) Instagram

Adalia's mother says that it is really difficult for her every single night to stay up and think another day has gone by. But she says that they never discuss life span topics in front of her to not scare her.

Adalia's mother Natalia says her daughter has changed her life completely. Talking in an interview she said:

"It's not like I was hateful but I wasn't nice to myself. I wasn't thankful. I didn't realize what life was until she was born."

Her father Ryan says: 

"I think I am her puppet and she is a Diva."

Adalia has three other brothers and she says she likes to play with them but sometimes she may get grumpy. She has a very close bond with her grandmother as well. 

Adalia with her sibblings - Image Credits: Adalia Rose (adalia06) Instagram

There are days when this young and bubbly little Diva gets upset about her condition as well. Her mother Natalia told sources:

"Sometimes there are days where she says 'I wish I was taller, I wish I had hair, I wish I looked like everybody else, I wish I could do what everybody else can do. But then she'll be like, 'Who needs hair anyway, I have a bunch of wigs, I can have different hair every day."

Adalia Rose has for sure learned the art of living life to the fullest and what she loves the most is her family and her followers who pour her with so much love and motivation daily by sending her beautiful messages.

As per her mother:

"Her followers say good things to her all the time, that you are so cute, I love you you're so beautiful, I love the way you dance, I love your videos. They have constant comments on how she's inspirational and how she doesn't let anything stop her and they're right. She loves those comments."

Image Credits: Adalia Rose (adalia06) Instagram

Adalia has come so far in her journey and she has done a fabulous job by inspiring others and living a happy life. In her favorite activities, one is pottery, keeping pet animals, and saving animals as well. She loves her room and the closet her dad has built her.

Whilst describing Adalia Rose, her parents had mixed views. Based on her mother's answer she said Adalia was a wild one and driven. Her father described her as stubborn, courageous, crazy, and determined.

Image Credits: Adalia Rose (adalia06) Instagram

Undoubtedly things are scary for her parents when they realize the complications and life expectancy in the case of Adalia but she has given them so much with what she has already lived.

We hope she will live more and make us all smile and motivated with her videos and pictures and beautiful captions!

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