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Acne Can Never Define You – This Instagrammer Is an Inspiration for Others to Look Positively at Their Textured & Acne Prone Skin

With the advancement of technology & a surge in social media activity, we now millions of beauty bloggers around the globe. These beauty gurus keep posting their looks everywhere on their social handles like Instagram, Twitter & Facebook, etc. 

Undoubtedly we need to applaud these beauty influencers, but sadly somewhere they forget to claim one more message to their followers that there is a normal person like them underneath those makeup looks and pricey costumes.


There are millions of girls and boys around the world, who face genetic issues with skin like acne & acne scarring and it does not go away easily for many of them like cystic acne. These teenagers or adults usually start feeling depressed and low based on their skin conditions & try to hide them with makeup which could worsen them more or become less socially visible just because they feel like they do not look good. 

Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay


A new trend has started recently, where many people suffering from Acne & other skin conditions have started to appear as influencers on social media platforms, telling others that it is okay to have different and not so perfect skin. Acne can never define a person and it never should. One such account is from this shinning Instagrammer “Shiny”.

(Image Credits: It’s.shiny Instagram)

Shinny posts images of herself on Instagram in both their actual and photoshopped form. Her intention is to let her followers know that most of the influencers who are always looking perfect on social media do not have perfect skin or not every makeup look will look that perfect in reality. Everything on the internet is photoshopped or fixed, therefore they should not feel any less about themselves.

(Image Credits: It’s.shiny Instagram)

The influencer is not only skilled in editing pictures and influencing others positively, but she also works as a makeup artist & has started posting most of her work online on a separate account. She says in one of her posts that she is still waiting to find and master her signature look, but shinny let us say that your signature personality trait of confidence & coming out with reality out beats all other talents that you think you still need to improve.

(Image Credits: It’s.shiny Instagram)

Shinny shares those moments, where she herself is feeling vulnerable but then shows her followers that it is okay to have mood swings. But not loving yourself is not an option & they should always love their real self and not compare themselves to pictures circulating on social media. 

Whilst sharing her first-ever video of herself with a bare face on Instagram, she said:

“Under my makeup, editing, filters, and flash is really bad skin?I’ve had acne for the past 8 yrs and I’ve just grown out of trying to hide it.”

(Image Credits: It’s.shiny Instagram)

Shinny undoubtedly has a blast of talent & personality to herself. She has created a sense by becoming an influence on social media, that you can use makeup to enhance your features, you can edit your pictures and post them online. But you should never hide your real face or skin condition because deep down you think you are not pretty or attractive. she shared a post on Instagram thanking people who appreciated her for coming out and giving others the confidence to shine without comparing and thinking about their mental health and skin positivity first.

(Image Credits: It’s.shiny Instagram)

Here is what Shinny captioned with her post:

“A lot of you guys have been sending me dm’s telling me I’m an inspiration for being able to show the world my flaws. Truth of the matter is, I’m just an average girl, tired of hiding behind photo editing softwares and makeup; I genuinely want to own up to my acne and how bad it gets. Of course I still care about it, still take care of it, but in the meantime, it is what it is. We all know what it’s like to let insecurities take over you at times and idk about you, but Instagram amplifies that sense of insecurity for me. We all show the best sides of ourselves to the world but we neglect the other side to it. So here is my “ideal” look but here’s also my real skin. Thank you guys for your support ?♥️.”

(Image Credits: It’s.shiny Instagram)

Shinny has really played a positive role and hopefully, she will come up with great content in the future. We wish her all the success on her journey of truth & confidence & her career as an Instagrammer.  We need more such bloggers & influencers like her & there sure are many of them that are doing a great job and will be featured in the future soon. 

For now, we will really appreciate the efforts and talent of shinny & want everyone to keep skin positivity & body positivity before anything else. You should never compare yourself to others. Always look far behind each picture or person you feel inspired by. They are not always glitz and glam, they too have flaws and they only choose not to show them.

Stay strong & do not demotivate yourself. If you will keep yourself on high self-esteem about your personality & looks, nothing that makes you feel bad about yourself.

“The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore.”

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