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Meet The Makeup Artist Who Can Transform Into Any One Without Surgeries

Makeup has rally transformed the world into something new. Though most of us use it to enhance our features by keeping the amount minimal, but others prefer going with high coverage and bright looks that somewhat change their appearnace from real self.

There is a third category to it as well. That would be using makeup in major quantity not to enhance your looks or looking bit extra, but to totally trasform into someone else. 


Yes, it is possible!

Image Credits: Alexis Stone (thealexisstone) Instagram

Alexis Stone whose other name is Elliot Joseph Rentz, is a drag queen and makeup artist with millions of followers and subscribers on the internet and in the real world. 


Alexis can transform himself into any person without any surgeries, only with the help of the makeup. He has done numerous celebrity looks that have gone viral on the internet.

Image Credits: Alexis Stone as Miley Cyrus (thealexisstone) Instagram

Alexis does wonderful job with every new transformation and he has evolved a lot since the beginning. His work is so eloquent that people are amazed with his skills and they appreciate him a lot.

Image Credits: Alexis Stone as Adele (thealexisstone) Instagram

Alexis loves his job a lot, and it is not that he only does celebrity makeup transformations, He loves to try many breathtaking makeup looks on himself as well, which are immensely loved by his followers and fans.

As he is a drag queen himself, his drag looks are amazing as well. One just cannot stop looking at the way he achieves perfection in every makeup job that he does.  

Image Credits: Alexis Stone as Demi Lovato (thealexisstone) Instagram

His focus is not just celebrity actors, he has worked on various looks by transforming into many other makeup artists of the beauty industry as well.

Image Credits: Alexis Stone as Nikkie De Jagor (thealexisstone) Instagram

Transforming into Nikkie was amongst his starting projects as per him. Then he moved on to trying various other looks and every single one of them has been a success.

Image Credits: Alexis Stone as James Charles (thealexisstone) Instagram

He has tried transforming into many ficitonal characters of movies as well which look so much related to the original characters. 

Do you remember the Marv from Home Alone? Poor thief who suffered a lot at the hands of a child who fought back with them and did not let them take advantage of his age to steal stuff from his home. Well there was a point when he had a hot iron hit on his face, and Alexis transformed into the same image of Marv.

Image Credits: Alexis Stone as Marv (thealexisstone) Instagram

Well he did not leave Professor Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter as well. Let's have a look and admire his transformation into professor.

Image Credits: Alexis Stone as Albus Dumbledore (thealexisstone) Instagram

One of our most favorite tranformation from all of his looks was Mr. & Mrs. Kanye West. The duo looked so perfectly carved and painted that we could not stop making it a part of the article.

Image Credits: Alexis Stone as Mr. & Mrs. West (thealexisstone) Instagram

"It’s been a journey. 10 years apart, a little engineering in between. 👼🏻 I do this for my sanity not vanity. My goal isn’t to cling onto my teenage years but to art direct my own life including my face, as an artist it only feels right. Not meaningless trends being followed but specifics achieved. One life, as many faces as possible."

This is what he said in his recent most post. He has for sure made a huge difference, and he for sure is not following any meaningless trends but doing everything that he loves to do.

Image Credits: Essential XO ( essentialxo) Instagram

Alexis has come up with a new project this quarantine. He has given birth to a new idea, a mannequin named Essential XO who looks like a real human being. People are amazed at his new creation and she is geting quite a following on the internet as well.

Image Credits: Alexis Stone (thealexisstone) Instagram

Undoubtedly, Alexis Stone has come a long way in his journey from being a teenager to a drag queen and a creative artist. He has given us many perspectives and has challenged the beauty industry as well. 

We hope to see many new projects from him in future, till then we really want to say Alexis you are an amazing artist and we are waiting to see many new creative projects coming out of your mind in future!

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