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Man Who Sold Kidney To Buy iPhone 4 Is Now Bedridden With Lifelong Disability

We all hear the same old joke of selling kidneys to buy an iPhone, whenever a new model is announced. But someone took this joke a bit seriously and went for it in reality.

Wang Is Bedridden & Needs Daily Dialysis To Live - Image Credits: Asia Wire

Wang Shangkun was only 17 years old back in 2011 when he was desperate to get his hands on an iPhone 4 & iPad2. He wanted to show these off to his school friends but had no money to buy these gadgets.  


When Wang noticed that his parents will not be able to afford the products for him, he started to search for different ways to buy them. 

Image Credits: Khusen Rustamov from Pixabay

An illegal organ harvester contacted Wang online and offered him 20,000 yuan in return for his kidney. Wang who was desperate to but the gadgets went to the province Hunan without telling his parents and got his kidney removed from his body.

On returning home, his mother got curious when she saw the expensive items in his hands and started to enquire him about them when he had to reluctantly open up about the whole scenario.  


Image Credits: William Iven from Pixabay

Wang's mother called the police right away to investigate the team who underwent the surgery on her son. 

Even though Wang got his favorite gadgets, but his health started to deteriorate with time and soon came the day when he was unable to get up from his bed. Upon taking him to the hospital, it was found out that he was suffering from renal deficiency due to poor hygiene during his operation and non-availability of post-operation care. 

Image Credits: Asia Wire

Wang Shangkun, who allegedly bought the products and sold his kidney for the purchase, now lives bedridden for a lifetime and requires dialysis on daily basis to clean his kidney from the toxins that it cannot remove naturally after being affected by the poor operating conditions. 

Nine people, who were involved in this worst scenario got arrested and jailed, and the family of Wang was given $300,000 as compensation amount

No compensation amount can bring back the health that Wang had and could enjoy all his life. Parents must monitor their kid's internet and screen usage and guide them properly so that they must not fall prey to people who may destroy their lives forever. 

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