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95% Of His Body Was Burnt Leaving Him Almost Dead At 4 Years Of Age

Johnny Quinn was just four years old when he was engulfed by a fire that broke out in the shed where he was playing and burnt 95 percent of his body. 

Johnny Quinn was a four years old boy, who was at home with his other siblings whom his elder sister was babysitting for her parents. He was playing inside the shed that was in the garden. His sister Leah was helping her other brother with his homework when she heard her younger sister screaming Johnny is stuck in a fire inside the shed.


Johnny along with his sister Joanna had burnt a candle inside the shed, which accidentally fell down with the wiggling tail of their pet dog and caused an immediate fire.

As soon as Leah reached the garden, where the shed was, she could see that the fire had gone crazy and she could hear Johnny screaming from inside the bush. She acted bravely and entered the fire filled shed and pulled Johnny outside the fire.

Leah herself suffered burns that affected her face and her hands.  She said that she could see her hands melt inside the bathtub when she was putting Johnny under cold running water to soothe his burns.


Johnny was not breathing when she pulled him outside the burning shed, but luckily upon coming out of the shed he started to breathe. Leah took him to the bathtub and put him under cold running water till the ambulance service arrived them. Leah described her brother's condition saying:

"He looked like a red and white alien. His hair had been scorched off, his eyes and face were swollen.”

Johnny was taken to the hospital where has was treated for almost one year. He could not walk till six months after his surgery. He had to go through more than 80 surgeries during this time frame of his recovery.  

Upon reaching the age of a teen kid, Johnny became self-conscious and started to hate himself.  He used to think horrifying thoughts like why he was not killed in the fire.

Johnny became so negative that he stopped eating food and became anorexic. He used to hide under baggy clothing and did not tell anyone that he was starving himself.

He was bullied both online and in school where people called him names like Freddie Krueger, ugly & monster. He had to deal with a lot and he just could not accept his body and skin for years. 

After being through a lot of depression and bad times, Johnny Quinn finally found the courage to gain his confidence through bodybuilding. Attending the camp for burned children annually also helped him to recover from his insecurities and lack of confidence. 

Johnny now not only does bodybuilding but he also has been into modeling a lot more lately. He posts on social media and is working with a foundation named Courageous Faces Foundation.

He wants to help people around the globe in gaining confidence. He now really feels that his condition is a blessing in disguise and he will never want to change anything in his life including the incident of fire and the pain of recovery he had to endure. 

Johnny Quinn believes that his condition has made him who is today and helped him meet many nice people and his life might have been very boring if he was not where he is today.

Johnny's confidence and personality is now an inspiration for billions of people around the world today. He has really embarked on a marvelous journey that has not only changed his life but has made him a medium of bringing change to others' lives as well.

You must follow him, if you have not been doing that already, we are sure that he will be a constant support system even without your directly talking to him for you if you are struggling with a lack of confidence or depression.  

Look well into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look.”
 Marcus Aurelius

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