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9 Year Old Stuck Inside The Body Of An Infant

“The things that grow on Gabby are her hair, her teeth, and her fingernails. That’s about it.” 

This was the statement from John Williams who is the father of Gabby a nine years old girl who does not grow older with time and is stuck inside the body of an infant. 


Image Credits: TLC & Barcroft (Truly) Tv

Gabrielle Williams was born with major complications at her birth. Doctors hardly believed if she could survive and told the parents to not have high hopes about her survival. Hearing the shocking news the Willams' did not give up their hope and brought their daughter to their home and started taking care of her and left everything on God.

Image Credits: TLC & Barcroft (Truly) Tv

Gabby beat all the odds to live longer than the doctors expected. 


She is the second oldest child amongst six siblings. All other siblings of Gabrielle were born normal and they all grew normally based on the milestones as per their age groups.

Image Credits: TLC & Barcroft (Truly) Tv

After Gabby was brought home, her parents realized after some time that she was not accomplishing her growth rate both physically and mentally based on her age. When they took her to the hospital and after her examination, the only diagnosis that doctors could give was that she was unable to grow in a normal way and she might not be able to grow as per her age in the future as well.

Gabrielle Williams ages one year for every four years.

Image Credits: TLC & Barcroft (Truly) Tv

Gabby's parents do not despair on her condition and they love her immensely regardless of her condition and based on the views from their neighbours they say that the couple works as a team and they have never seen any less attention towards all kids individually. 

Both the parents are always there for all kids and every single one of them gets equal love and affection including Gabby.

Image Credits: TLC & Barcroft (Truly) Tv

Gabby is partial to mostly blind as well. She cannot see anything but she does respond to lights. Gabby can also not speak at all and the only emotions that she shows include either crying and screaming when she is in pain or distressed or she smiles a little sometimes. 

Image Credits: TLC & Barcroft (Truly) Tv

She is fed on formula milk only that too with the help of a squeeze bottle. 

"It doesn’t matter what her nutrition is, she doesn’t get bigger," Mary Margaret.

She cannot digest anything else and needs proper care for her digestion because even a small issue can cause her extreme pain and complications.

To date, Gabrielle Williams is a nine-year-old girl who weighs only 11 pounds. Her height is only 2 feet and she looks and functions like an infant only. Gabby's skin is also like that of an infant.

The only change that Gabby has shown so far in nine years is that she now fits in the clothes for the age group of 6-9 months old baby than a 0-3 years old baby.

Image Credits: TLC & Barcroft (Truly) Tv

Whilst her condition stays without any valid prognosis or without any diagnosis, Gabby's parents John & Mary has come public just to raise awareness about this condition and to get help from researchers and scientists to find out the reason behind her condition. 

There are few more cases in the world like Gabby where there is a 45 years old man stuck inside the body of a 10 years old boy & another girl stuck inside the body of a toddler.

There may be time till we can find out why these beings cannot grow normally or how long will they live based on their growth, we are really pleased to know that Gabby has been born into such a beautiful home and has such caring and understanding parents. 

We wish Mary Margaret & John Williams a life full of happiness and hope for their baby girl and other kids and wish that they find out a cure for Gabby and for other mothers around the globe whose children are in the same circumstances without any answers.

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