7 Red Signals In A Man You Should Know Before Committing For Long Term

Women usually tend to ignore many things in their partner when they are madly in love. They will either totally ignore their bad habits or they will start suffering in silence when it is too late and they have come a long way in the relationship. 

Today we are going to share seven habits in a man that are usually the red signals easily seen in the very beginning if you can try to test your partner without giving them an idea. It is not necessary for him to have all these signs to consider ending the relationship. 


If he has most of these habits in his nature, you must escape immediately, otherwise, you may have to do the same but with more attachment taking more time to forget.

Let’s begin! 

1. Abusive & Angry Nature

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If the person you are dating is ill-tempered and gets angry easily & it does not stop right there, if he becomes abusive too whenever he loses his cool, that is totally a red signal. Especially if he apologized for his behavior multiple times but still hurts your feelings with his bad behavior and bad use of words. 


If a person cannot change their bad habit for you today after multiple requests and hurts your feelings constantly, then you might not want to commit to them.

2. Body Shames Or Picks At Others

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You might not want to spend the rest of your life with someone who body shames others or constantly picks at others for their physical appearance or lifestyle.

If today they are doing it with others and they do not stop despite your or others' warning, that means it is in their nature and their nagging might never end. This nature will become tough for you to fight in the future when you might change physically and they might not be interested in you.

3. Thinks Both Genders Are Unequal

Image Credits: Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

If he is someone who thinks men are superior to women, and he taunts you with gender discriminatory compliments from time to time, then it is a major hurdle. 

He might not say it today, but once you are in a long term relationship and marriage he might think you being a woman need to take all the burden of household work and you might be told to not interfere in some major matters because he thinks you are a woman, which might become frustrating and tough to live with.

4. He Is A Control Freak

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Yes, some people like to be in control of their and their partner's lives, though there is a certain limit to it. 

If your partner is someone who wants to control everything from what you should wear to what you should do for yourself as in opting for a career or stay back home, then you must know that submitting to him today will make you a forever slave. There is a major difference between being possessive about you and controlling you.

You might want to stay away from such a man!

5. They are Available At Their Own Schedules Only

Image Credits: Monoar Rahman Rony from Pixabay

Does it happen a lot that you are all ready and all dolled up, but the plan gets canceled at the moment because he cannot come as his friends stopped him or he had to suddenly make boy plans? Or he calls or texts only when he has time or mood to talk, otherwise, your calls go unanswered and your message hardly gets any timely response.

You might want to make sure that he is thinking to change his priority once you two decide to be long-term and married. If not and he thinks men belong outside not with women all the time and you are mostly alone, you might not want to commit and rather look for someone more affectionate before regretting.

6. Embarrass Or Insult You In Front Of Others

Image Credits: 晓强 付 from Pixabay

If you are with a man who insults you or picks at you in front of everyone and says sorry every time but his habit is never-ending, then you might want to think about committing to him. 

If a man is not respecting you in front of others today, he will never do that after marrying you either. Therefore, it is better to ask him to change and give him sometime whilst maintaining some distance, but if he cannot change his habit or calls you crazy for demanding to not joke about you or embarrass you in front of your or his family, then it is a big No! 

Stay away from him!

7. Do Not Have Life Goals/ Financially Unstable

Image Credits: Arek Socha from Pixabay

A Man with an unstable mind and no financial and future goals is always a risk to be with. 

If he takes every day as it is and does not want to work or do something of his own then you must know that he might never change, even if he is saying that he will change when he will be having responsibilities. It is better to not rush into such a relationship that might ruin your future.

Being a woman and being independent, you are responsible for your own self first. Rather than becoming vulnerable, you must think with the mind and then heart before giving someone the control of breaking you if they turn out wrong.

Never compromise on your mental peace and life just because you think you will lose him forever. If he is someone who might never change, then you might lose your ownself forever which is worst!

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