50 Cents Does Not Like Donald Trump After Endorsing Him For Upcoming Elections

Celebrity Endorsements for sure has a huge impact when it comes to elections. But this year celebrities in America have taken this role more than seriously and we can see almost every celebrity on the roads to cast vote early and their social media handles full of endorsements to vote for America endorsing Biden instead of Donald Trump.

It seems like it was not just the public that faced the implications of Trump’s presidency and its actions in America as a country. All the celebrities who kept quiet in the 2016 elections have really felt the need to raise their voice this time to vote against Donald Trump, also including some exceptions that chose to vote for Donald Trump instead and were publically bashed by the audience and fellow celebrities on their views.


Image Credits: 50 Cent Instagram

One such celebrity was 50 Cents. He got involved in an immediate controversy after tweeting in support of voting for Donald Trump. 


50 Cent's comment made a very huge impact where people got really offended with his choice and openly started criticizing the choice and nonserious comment of the celebrity.


It was not just the fans and the fellow Americans who came open about their reviews on the celebrity's post, but many celebrities also voiced their opinions around it. One of those celebrities was his Ex Chelsea Handler.

Chelsea appeared in an interview, where she criticized his statement and said:

“50 Cent shouldn’t be influencing an entire swath of people who may listen to him because he’s worried about his own personal pocketbook.” 

50 Cent seemed to be paying a lot of attention to the comments that were being made upon him by media, news, and his Ex, including the famous line, saying:

50 Cent doesn't want to be 20 percent Under the tax plan of Joe Biden

He even jokingly quoted the tweet of his Ex-Girlfriend and said he does not want her to let Donald Trump and Joe Biden come between them.

He seemingly paid quite an attention to the video of Handler and quoted her interview again making a new statement that He never like Donald Trump.

Whilst we are here unable to make any sense of the recent most tweet of 50 Cent as it is part sarcasm and part realization, but most of the Trump supporters came at the celebrity this time and trolled him for changing his views for his Ex Handler.

We are still hooked to more updates from 50 Cent, but we are really hoping that he really meant what he said in his last tweet and maybe Trump Endorsement has taken a Uturn and gone to the court of Joe Biden.

Well, we would like to say to America, do not stay confused like 50 Cent. Get up and vote for America and vote for the right person and for the rights of Americans.  

What do you think?


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