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22 Years Old Girl Lives Like Toddler With 33 Years Old Boyfriend Who Acts As Her Daddy

In the very first glance at the house and room of Max, a 22 years old girl living in Kentucky, USA, with her boyfriend who is 33, anyone will think that the couple is living their toddler in the house, but to your very surprise, this is totally not true.

The toddler that is living in the house is the 22 years old Max herself.


Image Credits: Barcroft Media

Max and her boyfriend Johnny are in a DDLG relationship which stands for  Daddy Dom Little Girl relationship. Usually, a couple who is living in such a relationship plays the role of a kid and a dad on daily basis. This role play is as realistic as weird it sounds to others upon getting to know about it for the first time. DDLG community is existing in our very society and couples that are involved in this role play relationship are usually adults who do it with mutual consent.

Image Credits: Barcroft Media

For Max, this lifestyle began when she was looking up information about this community and upon finding many similarities and attraction towards the idea, she gave it a try and having tried it herself, she fell in love with the very lifestyle, there was no going back after giving it a try. She just fell in love with this concept and the way of living which makes her feel better and less stressed.

“In the words of Peter Pan: I never want to grow up. I’m a little and Johnny is my daddy.”


Image Credits: Barcroft Tv

From having a collection of pacifiers to using one literally all day long, drinking milk with a sipping bottle, playing with stuffed toys to coloring on a kids coloring book, there is everything that Max does that a toddler would. 

On the other hand, her boyfriend Johnny acts as her caregiver and cares for her like a daddy, and whilst this roleplay is going on, Max calls him daddy all the time, and she is called princess.

Image Credits: Barcroft Tv

Johnny the daddy of this 22 years old little girl does not only read her stories but also takes her to the park nearby to play and take rides when she behaves like a good little five years old. Whilst going outside, Max loves to jump into small puddles filled with water and Johnny patiently lets her do that like a father would let his five years old enjoy their puddle adventures outside. 

Max told Barcroft Tv that they do not prefer to portray their role play openly out in public because people hardly give consent to this idea of the relationship, hence she avoids calling Johnny as daddy outside in the park or on the streets. 

Image Credits: Barcroft Media

It is not all about feeding max, reading her bedtime her stories, or taking her outside the house for playtime. Johnny has also some set rules being the dominant figure and caregiver of Max that are posted on the wall of the little princess's room and she has to make sure to follow these rules. Out of these many rules, the major two rules include:

  • Don't tell no to daddy including the backtalking.
  • No bad tantrums when angry. She needs to use her words only to communicate when she gets upset.

Image Credits: Barcroft Tv

Max, the 22 years old toddler princess tries to follow these rules by heart and whenever she is unable to do so, she is meant to get some punishments, which include:

  • Having to go to bed early than usual.
  • No Phone
  • Not getting to watch Tv.
  • Sitting in the naughty corner of her room staring at the wall and not moving from there for a specific time instructed by her caregiver Daddy.

“Sometimes if I’m bad my daddy takes away my phone, or I don’t get to watch TV for a certain amount of time, or I have to go to bed early. But the worst one is being put in timeout because I just have to sit there in the corner and stare at the wall and do nothing - that is not fun at all.”

Image Credits: Barcroft Tv

The couple met each other at a tattoo place where Johnny was a tattoo artist and Max came in to get a new tattoo for her. They both felt good with each other and soon became best friends and from there Max slowly became a special person in the life of Johnny.

Most people look at it in the wrong way and call it to have the inclusion of pedophile concept to it because they think a male figure whose partner is pretending to be a child can lead into the form of pedophilia and it cannot be normalized by promoting these relationships. 

But the couple has stated clearly that this part of their relationship does not reach their bedroom life. They have kept this role play DDLG relationship specifically asexual and they never let it enter the personal life that they have as a couple. 

“To me, I am little and I use this to strengthen my relationship and to relax and have fun. For us, it’s not a sexual thing."

Image Credits: Barcroft Media

Max does not let this aspect affect her decision making as well. As per her, she is capable of paying her own bills and take rational decisions for herself. She works from home on daily basis and when she is working her role as a toddler keeps going on and off based on the work routine, but she is usually a five-year-old toddler named princess when Johnny is around her.

“I work from home, so during the day my littleness comes and goes but when I am with Johnny I am little most of the time." 

Image Credits: Barcroft Tv

For us, the concept of DDLG seems a bit estranged but we can never judge anyone's life choices as mostly it is said that behaving like kids sometimes helps some people to destress. Hence we will not like to criticize it as long as it remains healthy and does not lead in the wrong ways. 

What are your thoughts on it? We will love to hear from you. Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section below! 

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