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10 Fascinating Facts About Kim Kardashian West That You Will Want To Know

Kim Kardashian West, The most famous American celebrity & reality show star has never stopped being in the news & highlights from the day she started her career in the media industry. Kim did not only secured a successful career herself, but she just hit as a lucky charm for her whole family to become famous & earn huge income.

Kim Kardashian at Met Gala 2019. (Image Credits: Kim Kardashian Instagram)


This reality Tv star & model risen to the fame of glory & success has many amazing lesser-known facts about her. Today we are going to list ten of those fascinating facts about Kim Kardashian for those of you, who want to know more about the celebrity.

Fact No 1:

Kim who was in the news for her leaked sex tape with her boyfriend says that she is very well aware of the person who leaked the sex tape. Kim also says that she feels really offensive when she hears the claim stating that she leaked her own sex tape for fame.


Old Picture of Kim Kardashian posted recently on her Instagram.
(Image Credits: Kim Kardashian Instagram)

Fact No 2:

Kim is supposedly not only scared of spiders. She has the biggest fear that is scarier to her than spiders who make her shriek at the mere sight of them crawling somewhere. The biggest fear of the celebrity is the stretch marks.

 Kim Kardashian pictured for Mrs. West clothing line.
(Image Credits: Kim Kardashian Instagram)

Fact No 3:

Kim Kardashian who is known for her two marriages in a short time is not really married only twice. The celebrity had another marriage for which she eloped with her first husband. Kim was married to a producer Dave Thomas, from whom she was ten years younger. The couple got married in Las Vegas & divorced after three years of being together.

Kim with husband Kanye West on their marriage ceremony
(Image Credits: Kim Kardashian Instagram)

Fact No 4:

Kim knew about Caitlyn Janner’s intention about her gender discontent at the time before her family. Caitlyn, who fathered the Kardashian kids along with her own daughters with Kris Jenner, reportedly said that she mentioned her concerns about gender transformation to Kim two years before talking about it to her any others child because Kim Kardashian was easy to talk to kind of person in the family who could understand her empathetically.

Kim Kardashian posing for a picture. (Image Credits: Kim Kardashian Instagram)

Fact No 5:

Nobody likes to keep their pictures with an ex on their phone, social media, or even at home. But this is not the case with the famous Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian mentioned keeping a box the pictures & things from her ex-boyfriends and she called the box “Ex-Box”. Well, do you think this is a good idea? Let us know in the comments section!

Kim posing for her new body shape wear line. (Image Credits: Kim Kardashian Instagram)

Fact No 6:

The whole world says that the Kardashians just got lucky & that they have no talent at all. Well, this is maybe not true at all. Kim Kardashian has a unique ability to smell tooth decay from anybody. Kim claims that dental cavities have a specific smell & she can smell when someone has a cavity. Talking about it the star said:

“It’s a very specific smell,  not a bad-breath smell,  but something that is really strong.”

Kim Kardashian flaunting her red hair. (Image Credits: Kim Kardashian Instagram)

Fact No 7:

Kim Kardashian blow-dries all of her jewelry items before wearing them, just because she hates to wear jewelry when it is at normal cold temperature. Whilst tweeting about this habit of hers the celebrity said:

“Weird Kim fact- I blow dry all my jewelry before I put it on! I can’t stand putting on cold jewelry, it gives me the chills!”

Kim Kardashian on a family’s day out. (Image Credits: Kim Kardashian Instagram)

Fact No 8:

We all know how close Kim Kardashian was with her father Robert Kardashian. well, there is a really weird fact that Kim still wants to talk to her father. Kim reportedly tried to talk to the spirit of his deceased father who she said warned her about the incident of the robbery that happened with her when she was in Paris. Kim still believes that her father is around her & that she can feel different signs or she sees some symbols that tell her that her late father is around s & is giving her signs.

Kim Kardashian posing for a selfie. (Image Credits: Kim Kardashian Instagram)

 Fact No 9:

We all have regrets, either it’s about an expensive gift we bought ourselves in excitement or a relationship. Kim also has a regret but it was not about her past marriages or anything else, but it was about her involvement in the music industry & the song that she released in 2011. During an interview, whilst talking about this regret of hers, she said: 

“I don’t like it when people kind of dabble into things… And that I don’t think I should have. Like, what gave me the right to think I could be a singer? Like, I do not have a good voice.”

Kim Kardashian on a campaign for Yeezy. (Image Credits: Kim Kardashian Instagram)

 Fact No 10:

Kim Kardashian detests flat shoes. She just does not like to wear flat shoes. The famous celebrity said:

“I hate the way I look in flat shoes.”

The celebrity when got pregnant with her firstborn North clearly stated her thoughts on having to wear flats because as per the celebrity wearing hells in pregnancy could be really tough for her. Well, this is really a fascinating yet strange fact because, at the end of the day, we all ladies love to take off our hells and change into flats as soon as we can. You really are fascinating & different Kim!

Kim Kardashian wearing Latex. (Image Credits: Kim Kardashian Instagram)

These were the top ten fascinating facts about Kim Kardashian that Hfeeds liked the most. If you want to know more about Kim Kardashian & KUWTK, stay tuned with Hfeeds, we will be giving you more such exciting stories in the future as well. 

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